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Spin the reeelz with the Spin! button
Click on a reeel to lock/unlock for spinning
Click on the up/down buttons to step the reeelz
Click on a matching combo to take it down

Quick tips

  • In the combo list, on the top you can see the combos matching your current reeel positions. Then come the party matching combos, sorted by how near you are to a perfect match. If you scroll the list to the bottom, you can see those combos you have already taken out.
  • Don't worry if you can't take all the combos out the first time you play. After a few plays, you'll automatically memorize how the figures on the reeelz follow each other, and what are the more difficult combos.
  • Combos marked with two stars worth +3 tokens, one star combos give you +2 tokens when taken down.
  • The game doesn't measure your speed, there is no hidden time counter. Don't rush, take your time.

More tips in the Reeelz Strategy Guide!