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Before writing us, please read the points below, they cover the topics we get most e-mails about, maybe you find a quick answer to your question.
Please note that due to the high amount of e-mails we receive, although we always read each one, we might not have enough time to answer all of them, and even if we have, it can take longer than 1-2 days if the e-mail pile grows too large.
If we get many e-mails about the same problem, instead of writing everyone, we'll try to answer all players through the Blog, and by updating the Help section, so if you don't get an e-mail answer in a few days, please check the Blog.

I have some technical difficulties...
Please read the Help section, maybe you can find a quick solution to the problem. If it doesn't help, write us an e-mail and we'll try to help.

I'd like to get a free version of any of your games to host on my gaming site / I'd like to play a game offline.
You can download our available* games (click here) and upload them to your site free of charge.
* Some of our games are exclusively licensed to some sites, so we can't give a globally playable version of them.

I'm a freelancer looking for some job.
Usually we make the games on our own, but if we need freelancer help for a project and can't find one anywhere else, we will post a job offer in the Blog.
If you think we really should look at your portfolio and keep you in mind, feel free to write us!

I have a great game idea. How about me telling you about it, you turning it into a game, and then we can share the profit and fame?
Before writing us about your original game ideas, please note that we might already have very similar ideas in our plans, or the idea can already float around the net, and that we won't put your name in our games and/or share income with you for telling us about it. We will not sign any non-disclosure agreements either. If you think your idea is worth a million dollars, we encourage you to make it real and reap the fruit of your hard work yourself. If you don't mind us using your idea, or you have something on your mind you'd really like to see in one of our future games, please write us, we'll seriously consider every suggestion (although can't promise to use each one of them of course).

I have some feedback/bug report for one of your games.
Thank you for helping us making the games better! We'll try to fix the problems asap. Please note that we do not support our older games with fixes anymore, as we have to move forward and make new ones. Games considered final and stable (although there are some known bugs in them) and thus not supported with game fixes anymore, are: Treasure of Cutlass Reef, Cursed Winds, Saucer Arena, Balloon Invasion, GemCraft chapter 1, GemCraft chapter 0, GemCraft Labyrinth.
After launching a new game, we treat fixing any errors found our top priority, many new builds can be excepted in the first few weeks after release, and the game will be actively supported by us with further fixes and refinements for many months.

I have a game project and need some freelancers.
We do not work for hire, but you might find many skillful Flash game developers at .

You should make/port a game for the iPhone/Android/Wii/PSP!
It would be great, maybe we will, but for now we can't give any promises.

If you couldn't find a quick answer, please write us!

Our e-mail address is:
contact @at@ gameinabottle .dot. com