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Reeelz Strategy Guide

Locking reeelz and spining the remaining ones is the most versatile and cost effective way to reach more difficult combos. Aim for a combo (click on it to keep it in focus), lock what you have and spin only the remaining reeelz to get closer to matching the combo.

Don't get seduced by the easy combos popping up after each spin. In many cases, much harder combos can be only a click or two away.

Don't follow the combo match indicators blindly. A barely matching combo might be reached in 2-3 moves, by stepping a few reeelz.

Watch the partly visible fields accessible with one step from your current reeelz' positions.

Stepping costs you one move, the same as spinning any amount of reeelz once, making stepping relatively very expensive. Even if you have only one missing field from the combo you're going for, spinning the remaining unlocked reeelz can give you the missing field in less moves. On the other hand, if you are only one or two steps away, and have only one reeel left unlocked, it might be better to step instead of spinning.

If you can take a combo which requires fields to follow each other in a given order, and an other requiring a given amount of a field type, it's almost always better to go for the fixed order combo, as those are much harder to make.

Save the easier combos for later game; quickly taking them down takes your options away and you'll have a very hard endgame forced to pick from the most difficult combos to pursuit. You might also hit your token limit and be forced to make a move you don't want to, or take down a combo and waste the tokens you would have received.

Always look out for your token limit, but also try not to run too low on tokens. If you pursue a tough combo, and still a few moves away from taking it when you run out of tokens, you will be forced to take down an easier combo and thus have your efforts be in vain, or, if there are no combos to take with your current reeelz positions, you will lose the game instantly. If you have less than 10 tokens, don't start pursuing a combo with two stars and only a few reeelz matching.

There are 20 ranks you can achieve at the end of a game. If you fail to take down all the combos, depending on how many combos were left, you can be given ten different ranks. If you clear the table, ten higher ranks await you, according to how many tokens were left. Wasted tokens don't count.

Even if you can't memorize how the figures follow each other, each reeelz situation gives you a lot of information. Look out for the figures partly visible. Eeach reeel has the figures in exactly the same order.

If you are more into papercup beverages, you can switch the classic coffee cup to a papercup (only available on

Each deck brings 30 additinoal unique combo cards to the game. So the 60 cards' deck contains all combos from the 30 combo deck, plus 30 new combos. The final deck contains 150 different combos.

The combo list refreshes every time you spin or step the reeelz. This might be very annoying if you aim to take down a particular combo. To always have your agenda on the screen, click on it. It will get a green frame, and the combo list will automatically scroll so that it will be visible. Click it again to disable automatic following.

There are combos not marked with a star, but still quite tricky to obtain. If you see them, take them down.

If you don't have Reeelz already open in an other window, click here to start the game!