GC2:CS – XP system & outcome panel update

Today’s topics were covered in the posts of 2012-Oct-15 and Nov-12, now I’ll try to sum up the changes that were made since then in these areas.

The outcome panel’s look resembles that of the old chapters’ more again, the multiple info tabs were removed, and instead, when you roll over a main stat, you can see its details in a hovering infobox.

The various items you get during a battle will get listed again in a row at the bottom of the panel again, as seen in Chapter 0 and Labyrinth. Everything from newly discovered fields’ tokens to talisman fragments to shadow cores, even the unlocked achievements will appear here.

The XP bar was removed as well, now it’s visible exclusively in the world map screen.

Talking of which, the visual representation of the “primary XP – secondary XP” system was changed, going from both ends seemed a good idea at first, but it didn’t work well, so now the XP bar fills up from the left, with the primary (“true”) and secondary XP having different colors, and a transparent slice of the bar showing how far the secondary XP can still stretch.

The XP bar’s infobox tells you how much more secondary XP you can still get, the “secondary XP pool” increases every time you level up. If you need just a little more XP to level up, but can’t beat your prevoius XP records, you will still be awarded with XP, but that taps on the secondary pool until it depletes.

As a minor comfort feature, your wizard level will be visible without having to roll over the XP bar.


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