GC2:CS – Special fields insight

Happy spring holiday Everyone!

There is no April fool’s joke or easter egg hunt in this post, sorry. 🙂

Previous chapters of GC had too few special (“epic”) fields compared to the large amount of total fields, pushing the game towards being grindy and boring, but this will change in GC2, there will be much more to do and explore. Two examples of special fields are taking over wizard towers and acquiring new skills:

You’ll have to gather the world map’s hexagonal tiles piece by piece by capturing fellow wizards’ abandoned towers, for which you’ll have to disable various locks (demanding various shots or spells to be dealt in order to be unlocked, e.g. a freezelock giving in after 3 freeze spells cast on it, or a beamlock requiring 30 secs’ duration of beam shot delivered), and if you run out of time (waves), your orb will be zapped (similarly to the good old GC0 🙂 ).

Skills won’t unlock automatically either as you reach a certain wizard level, you’ll have to find and get them, which will be more twisted than just winning a battle: The skill tome chamber will open only if you manage to kill a given amount of a given enemy type with a given kill method in the chamber’s proximity… Ok, it might sound complicated, so an example: “kill 25 giant monsters with barrage shells within 3.5 tiles”. As both the required kills and the positioning of the chamber (and thus the kill area) will get more and more tricky, getting all the skills will be quite challenging.

On an other note, I was hesitating on when and how to tell you this, but I will soon run out of topics to cover (and don’t want to show everything of the game anyway, as a player I know how exciting it is to explore a game for yourself), and the development will come to the phase when we’ll spend most of the time fixing errors and polishing content, so there will be a summer break in the flow of posts (but not in the work).
The last post before the break will be on the 10th of June, and I’ll return on no later than the 2nd of September, possibly earlier if I have the great news to tell, or something really exciting to show.

So, looking ahead at the schedule, four more posts until the summer blog break:

15th of April:
xp system update (xp bonuses, xp bar update)
outcome panel update

29th of April:
monsters update again
revised monster ability system
monster abilities in action
revised health regeneration feature + orange gems
revised bloodbound gem

13th of May:
sparks & shrines in action
talisman revisited

27th of May:
achievements update
vision fields

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