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A,W,D or arrow keys: Move/rotate ship
Space/F/Ctrl: Fire the cannons
V: Switch firing side
P: Pause the game

Quick tips

  • If you are under fire and don't have the speed or time to move away, turn your ship towards the incoming cannonballs to give a smaller hit area.
  • Try to engage as much ships as you can, because plundering a captured ship gives you more gold than destroying it and then plundering the wreck. Don't do this though if you don't have enough crew.
  • No matter how many of your crew you lose, if anyone survives the battle, you will start the next level with a fresh full crew.
  • There are ships with enormous firepower and crew, but not much gold. These are pirate hunters and privateers looking to hunt you down! Don't let them engage you!
  • On higher difficulty levels you have more upgrade levels for your ship!
  • Enemy ships look out not to shoot at each other, but with some nasty maneuvers you can draw their fire on each other!