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Arrow keys or WASD to move your flying saucer
Mouse to aim
Mouse button to fire
1,2,3: Activate specials

Quick tips

  • Try to destroy the appearing enemy at once with a burst of shots. This way it can shoot only 1-2 laser beams at you, and you get additional money for the fast kill.
  • Try to keep the number of enemies on the stage low. It's much harder to deal with 5 enemies than with 1-2.
  • If you can't overwhelm the enemy, shoot at them anyway as much as you can, becuase every hit charges your specials, even if it only hits the shield.
  • Avoid your own bullets if you have upgraded the lasrer damage. A few beams shot at yourself can destroy you!
  • If you have activated the force field, it defends you against the shredding damage when your hull collides with the enemy.
  • Try to finish the first stages with high accuracy and shadow dancer bonuses. This gives you a huge upgrade advantage for the later stages.
  • Upgrading your engines can help you achieve large shadow dancer bonuses.
  • Try to kill your enemies one by one, depleting the selected saucer's shield and then taking in as much damage as you can.
  • When you have activated the EMP, you can use the frozen saucers as shelters from the newly appearing enemies.
  • Thunderbolt renders all enemy shields zero. Use this to attack the stongest enemy, hitting directly its hull, not letting it recharge its shield.
  • If you move around, the enemy tries to predict your motion and shoot in front of you to hit you, so it's better to move more unpredicably.