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the basics:
click on spell buttons to select them
drag gems to move, throw or combine them

1-6 or B/T/C/M/W/G selects spells
hold ctrl to create/combine as much gems as possible
hold shift to place multiple towers/trenches
hold shift to create multiple gems
P to pause
click/space/enter to close tutor panels

Quick tips

  • To reach the glowing frame score on a stage, try to get many amulets (read the amulet descriptions to see how to obtain them).
  • If you can reach the glowing frame score on many stages, you can unlock hidden stages, which all have one available gem type (stack up on pure gem mastery to succeed).
  • Redistribute your skill points if a stage seems too hard.
  • Make strong points, by placing many towers and water trenches in a small area. The monsters, slowed down by the trenches will suffer much more shots from the surrounding towers.
  • Armor reducing (purple) gems are essential for killing an epic boss.
  • Poison damage stacks up and ignores the monster's armor.