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If the game doesn't start (might be a temporary server outage), try playing it over at Newgrounds - your GamerSafe account works there too!

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Click on spell buttons, click to place buildings, drag gems to where you need them.
Everything can be done with mouse, but there are also some shortcut keys:

T - Build tower
R - Build trap
A - Build amplifier
L - Build lightning shrine
C - Build charged bolts shrine
W - Build wall

G - Combine gems
B - Throw gem bomb
M - Extend mana pool
Q - Freeze/unfreeze time
N - Send next wave instantly
X - Refund mana from gem
D - Duplicate gem
U - Upgrade gem (duplicate and combine in one step)
I - Enable/disable info panels
1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9 - Create gem
P or Esc - Go to the Options screen

Changes & fixes in recent updates:

GCL v.1.22.:
  • High grade (grade 35+) gems in traps let through many monsters (the previous fix to the lime trap issue made traps fire at only one monster at a time). Now there is a hard limit of 9 (27 at 3x speed) per frame (1/30 second if the game doesn't lag at all) of monsters to be hit by a trap-socketed gem, which should be far enough against 1000+ monsters. I'm sure monsters will pour trough if you summon 10.000 monsters, that's not a bug, but a feature. :-)
  • Grade 35+ lime-orange gem in trap lagged severely because of multiple mana pool refreshing per frame, it's fixed now.

GCL v.1.21.:
  • After the event during the second pylon field, gems' images were left floating at the top left corner of the game
  • In trap-socketed gems' info panel, the mana gain, armor tearing, and damage values were flickering

GCL v.1.20.:
  • Hue mismatch of purple gems (in-game vs map info panel) fixed
  • Some more typos fixed
  • Field G7 has all gem types available now
  • Added the text "Ctrl-click to send all remaining waves" to wavestone info panels
  • To improve performance, only 7 monsters get drawn at a time per tile
  • The awful lag caused by the lime trap exploit was fixed while trying to keep the exploitable nature (not to ruin the fun)
  • When using the wild gem skill, it was impossible to achieve the "no more than 2 gems while spending 5.000 mana" journey amulet with 2 gems

Quick tips

  • Dual gems are superior to pure gems, they get bonuses to their damage, range, and firing speed. Triple gems get even higher bonuses. These bonuses can be further increased with the Dual gem and Triple gem mastery skills.
  • Pure gems have the strongest special abilities. If you combine two gems of different types, you get both specials but with a decreased power. So if you want to use the special ability of a gem, combine it only with gems of the same type.
  • Try to avoid making gems containing more than three base types.
  • Place your towers in positions where they can cover the longest path possible, but also look out for beacons, shards, nests, and tombs. If you want to shoot them, they should be in the gem's range you want to place in the tower.
  • Click on a monster to view info about it, but also to highlight it for your towers to shoot. If an apparition flies by, and your towers are busy killing monsters, click on the apparition to have the towers target it.
  • When a monster is just about to crush your orb, the orb will banish it back to its spawning location. This costs you soma mana; tougher monsters take more mana to banish. Each time a monster gets to your orb, its banishment cost increases. Watch our for fast monsters that run by your towers and can reach your orb more than once before being killed.
  • The wave stones on the left side of the screen show you what kind of monsters will appear. Look out for the small icons above the wave numbers on the stones.
  • Place a trap near a group of towers and place a slowing gem in it, this way the monsters will have to crawl by the towers for a longer time, taking more shots.
  • Keep an eye on the mana bar. if it's filled, all additional mana you would gain from slain monsters is lost. Use the Extend mana pool spell to increase your mana capacity.
  • Adjust your gem type mastery skills to match the gem types you will initially get in the field, or which you plan to unlock. Skills linked to the initially available gem types are marked with a dot on the skills panel.
  • Place traps at a distance from each other so that the poison effect from the first trap lasts until the monster gets to the next trap.
  • Experiment with towers and amplifiers to find what works the best.
  • Switch to normal speed or freeze the time if you need to do some micromanagement.
  • If the game lags too much, you can decrease the rendering quality and particle effects in the options screen.
  • Some of the gem types (like chain hit) are more suitable for power gems, other types (like slowing) are a better fit for supporting.
  • Explore a wide area of the labyrinth and try to get to fields giving more XP as soon as you can, this way you can level up much faster, and will have more options to level up even further. There are some fields with a very long path for the monsters, find them and gather lots of XP.
  • Don't listen to the temptation, beat the fields with the easiest battle settings first. This helps exploring the labyrinth and giving you some extra XP before trying the fields with tougher settings.