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A,W,D or arrow keys: Move/rotate ship
Space/F/Ctrl: Fire the cannons
V: Switch firing side
1,2,3: Activate special weapons
P: Pause the game

Quick tips

  • If you spend more gold on crew on the first levels, you can engage more ships (instead of shooting them), which means more gold.
  • Shoot smartly, you get bonus gold for a high hit/shot ratio after each level.
  • You can (re)charge your special shots by hitting enemy ships. If you use a special shot, it will recharge slower next time, but you start every level with fresh, fast-charging specials.
  • Support fire shells are not aimed too well, so they miss the enemy more than they hit them, but if a shell hits a ship, it hits hard. When calling in suport fire, stay away from the enemy; the shells are rougly aimed at them, but they can also hit you!
  • Firework rockets behave on their own, they spread with distance. But if you shoot at a close enemy, hitting it with all or most of the rockets, it can be devastating, as well as hitting multiple ships at a medium distance with the spread shots.
  • Calypso is a powerful ancient sea nymph, her screaming voice of wrath simply destroys everything and everyone in the way. When lots of enemy ships are on the scene, move to the center, wait until most of them are near, then unleash the voice!
  • If your ship is damaged, avoid getting caught by the cursed winds (appearing on the last stages), but otherwise you can use them to your advantage, quickly getting rid of the enemy.
  • See the page of Treasure of Cutlass Reef as well, the tips there work here too.