First screenshot of next GemCraft & Happy Holiday!

Hey Everyone!

Sorry for not posting anything for so long! After some adventurous dead end side projects, the next GemCraft has been in development for a while now, but I wanted to wait to have a screenshot to show. And so now here is the first shot made as a winter holiday greeting card.

The next GC will have fullHD 1920×1080 resolution, all new content, many game rules changed (the screenshot hints: new buildable types, redesigned gem types, new strike spells, larger battlefields, tweaked speed buttons, one click gem creation with separate grade adjustment, changed battle interface layout). As of the current optimistic plans, the game might be released next year. I plan to write and share more info once per month as we get closer to release and game details get refined (everything is subject to change for now of course). The game will be a Windows desktop title, primarily to be released on Steam.

It’s so awesome to see that many of you are still taking Chasing Shadows for a ride every now and then, I hope the next one will bring you countless hours of fun as well! Main game design goals are to give both casual players (who just want to play around or get to the final field and win) and hardcore players (who aim to get to such a high wizard level that they could zap waves of monsters by looking at them) a great bunch of things to explore and experiment with, and hopefully much less lag, especially when things go hardcore. As with all the GC chapters, this one will be an experiment with a new mix of game rules, so things might get out of control (bugs, exploits), but we’ll be on the watch. What I can promise is that the game will have a flat price to get all the content, there won’t be paid loot boxes or other pay-to-win (or pay-to-enjoy) schemes.

So, next post by the end of January, Everyone have a great holiday season!

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