GC:CS Kongregate release! + Steam v.1.0.4, AG v.1.1.14

Hey Everyone,

After a delay of more than a year, GemCraft Chasing Shadows have finally arrived to Kongregate! It has all the latest changes and starts with v.1.1.14, synced with the AG version.

Special notes for the Kong release:

  • Sadly, there’s still no server side saving available at Kong, so I’ve added a “save to clipboard & paste text to load” feature. To prevent mass cheating, it only works for logged in players, and can be loaded only by the same player (user name) it was saved by.
  • Both for technical reasons and as a propitiation for the long delay and the lack of server side saving, purchased shadow cores affect all your saved games, including future new games.

Also, new builds of both the Steam and the Armor Games versions have been uploaded, with some changes many of you requested.

New features/changes:

  • Resonance skill damage boost became +4.5% per level (previously +3%)
  • Touch of Wisdom spark always appears every 100 waves
  • Fields F3 and U7 have reduced hp increment between waves
  • Hold alt while adjusting a gem’s range to step by 1%
  • Press delete over a wave stone to remove enraging
  • Shadow cores can be used to get skill points, starting at 1000 sc, price going up by 100 sc with every skillpt bought

Bug fixes:

  • Hopefully reduced lag when monsters spawn beacons in masses
  • Fixed some typos and achievements

Steam only bug fixes:

  • Resetting traits shook the sc counter
  • Checking building placement ignored guardians
  • Shrines ignored guardians

My task list is still not empty, new builds arrive as soon as I’m done with an other stack of changes/fixes.

AG/Kong v.1.1.14a, Steam v.1.0.4a arrives with one change:

  • Touch of Wisdom spark always appears every 50 waves instead of 100

AG/Kong v.1.1.14b, Steam v.1.0.4b fixes 2 exploits and 1 serious bug. Suspiciously high xps due to the exploits gone through a one time cut.
Sorry for the mess with the recent changes!


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