GemCraft Chasing Shadows is released on Steam!

The long waiting is finally over! The Steam version of GemCraft Chasing Shadows is released!

Steam version highlights:

  • Even more and even larger fields to explore and conquer
  • Achievements can be unlocked as Steam achievements
  • Improved graphics, full screen support
  • Saved games and preferences are stored in the Steam Cloud
  • Test your true skills in the Iron Wizard mode!

Let me thank you again for all your help, for voting for the game on Greenlight, and for supporting us with your purchases and sending feedback, ideas and suggestions. This release couldn’t have happened without you!

Have a great time playing on Steam – can you reach the Spiritforge in Iron Wizard mode?

Also, v.1.1.10 of the AG version is uploaded, recent changes:

  • Refined story illustrations
  • Some tutorial fixes
  • Added link to the Steam version
  • Pressing the 9x speed button says properly now it switches back to 3x, not 1x
  • The ‘achievement unlocked’ sound should be skipped less now
  • Fixed white edges at the Forgotten’s journey note entry
  • Setting weather opacity to minimum disables weather and its effects
  • Fixed: pressing dot over a wave stone didn’t make the infobox disappear

Next stop, next week (hopefully): the Kongregate release!


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