GC:CS more release info + v.1.1.9 up

Hey Everyone!

The release date of the Steam version of GC:CS is now almost officially set to April 30 – we wanted to avoid the release dates of GTA V and Mortal Kombat X (April 14) with their potential to steal all the player attention, and more time is needed to prepare promotion by AG for the launch, and to get through the Steam review process.

To use the additional time, we have added a previously planned, then abandoned feature, the Iron Wizard mode! Endurance runs or grinding for xp and talisman fragments won’t help you here, you will need your true skills (in addition to those you can gather from tome chambers) to get to the Spiritforge…

While fixing things and adding more stuff to the Steam version, a new bunch of changes piled up for the AG build as well, v.1.1.9 was uploaded today.

  • Fixed compass award tokens being unavailable after the 11->3 compass run change
  • Compass award loot fountain is stretched in time
  • Fixed issue with options ‘monsters rendered per tile’
  • Removed the reset tutorials option
  • Added a tutorial page about decreasing gems’ range
  • Compass field tokens have a marker until all compass rewards get unlocked
  • Further tweaks to reduce the number of skipped sounds



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