GemCraft Chasing Shadows Steam release soon

Hey Everyone,

We’re almost there, a few days to work on until marking GC:CS as ready for review by the Steam staff. 🙂

The original trailer was filled up with footage from the Steam port, you can check it out here.

How the Steam release will differ from the original:

  • A boatload of new fields were added
  • Achievements can be unlocked as Steam achievements
  • Full screen support (can be disabled in the options screen)
  • The game’s native resolution is increased from 900×600 to 1088×612 (actual window size can be freely set by dragging)
  • Many graphic elements got a higher (“HD”) resolution (double the pixel density of what the native size of 1088×612 would need)
  • To prevent an awful lagging, the battlefield’s pixel size wasn’t hd-ized, but all fields got 10 tiles wider as the whole game got 16:9, so all the fields were redesigned to match the new 54×32 tile size
  • Saved games and preferences are synchronized with the Steam Cloud

Also, the lack of in-game purchases brought these changes:

  • Battle traits cost no shadow cores (3 affected achievements were changed)
  • Higher shadow core drop rate
  • The Chain hit gem skill and the Orblets trait are not given at start, you’ll have to find them in the wilderness

In other news, the GOTY gauntlet trophies have arrived from Armor Games, thanks again to everyone who voted on the game and helped it getting both the Game of the year and Strategy game of the year over at AG! 🙂

I hope we can soon celebrate the Steam launch (shortly followed by the Kongregate release too, sorry again for this long wait…) and that there won’t be any embarrassing errors. Next post right after the release, please stay tuned! 🙂

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