GC2:CS v.1.1.0 info

Hello Everyone,

Sorry for the crawling slow progress beyond all delays as usual, but finally a new version of GemCraft Chasing Shadows, introducing new content, changes, and fixes, v.1.1.0, is getting together and ready for release. As of now, the best case roadmap for v.1.1.0 is this November, followed by several more bugfix/extra content builds, and the Steam release will sadly have to wait until Q1 2015, closely followed by Kongregate and other website releases.

Some major points of v.1.1.0 are:

  • A part of the skills get uncapped
  • Fixed exploits (permafreeze, enrage xp etc), various values nerfed, others boosted
  • New fields to explore
  • New achievements, including journey (accumulative) achievements
  • Achievement filtering via tags
  • Flexible difficulty selection; beating levels on higher difficulties will reward extra skill points
  • Enrage waves with multiple bombs per click
  • Less harsh random events
  • Levelling xp requirements (especially above wizlevel 2000) get adjusted back to reasonable numbers

Old saved games will be migrated to v.1.1 upon load, and, as of the plans, to prevent the game crashing from astronomical xps gained by abusing exploits, earned xp above between 10M-100M (still needs to be fine tuned) per field will be removed. Earned victories (including higher difficulties), talisman fragments and achievements will be left intact. It won’t necessarily mean a huge wizlevel drop (or a drop at all), thanks to the xp requirements rollback.

More info or the build itself hopefully soon!

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