GC2:CS on Steam Greenlight! Please vote!

Hey Everyone,

Last time I mentioned that next week there would be an announcement… yes, you remember right, that was 22 days ago… but that “next week” has finally come!

I got lots and lots of emails asking whether GemCraft Chasing Shadows would be available on Steam. We have been discussing this matter with Armor Games for months now; as a seasoned Steam player, achievement hunter, and a fan of Valve since the iconic first Half Life (I was 18 back then… wow), I would just love to see GC2:CS on Steam, so after lots of hesitation (should the Flash version be ready before focusing on anything else?) I was finally persuaded by the guys at AG that we should make a move now.

Steam, one of the largest digital games distribution platforms, has a player vote system called Greenlight, where even small indie games can be shown to the World, and where players can vote on what they would like to see and play on Steam. Games with the best player reception and most votes get the Green light 🙂 , and can be released on Steam!


Please vote and help the game get Greenlit, every vote counts! And don’t worry, the Flash version will be released first, porting the game to Steam (in case it succeeds) will happen only afterwards.

And to tell the bad news, due to technical entanglements and after syncing the release schedule with Armor Games, the release of the game was pushed back by yet another week, to:

the week of 24th-30th of March, 2014

Ideally (officially):
Tuesday, 25th of March, 2014

I know saying sorry a hundredth time doesn’t help, I just hope you will enjoy playing the game so much that all this long wait and all the missed dates (including blogposts) won’t matter! Also, sorry for not replying emails and comments; I have 753 unanswered mails, half of them is hopefully spam, I will dig through my in-box when this is over.

Please vote on the game on Steam Greenlight! Thank you!


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