GC2:CS – Battle Traits

In today’s late and short post, I’ll briefly cover the so-called battle traits. This feature is quite similar to GCL’s battle settings, it allows you to add various extra difficulty traits to get more XP in return (in case you succeed with the battle). GCL’s seemingly vast palette of settings was in fact a few groups (monster amount and strength, waves amount, monster types – and some extra settings with on/off states) in disguise. Here in GC2, there will be 9 traits picked with variety in mind, each having 7 levels of increasing effect.

To use battle traits, you’ll first have to collect their corresponding trait scrolls hidden in tome chambers (that’s where skill tomes hide too) spread on levels throughout the wilderness. Once gathered, you can spend shadow cores to set the mix of traits you like, not just for the chance of getting lots of XP in return, but to get some of the invested shadow cores, or even more (not to mention talisman fragments), back.

Traits are not the only way to increase the challenge on previously beaten fields though, there are 3 difficulty settings, looming, glaring and haunting, with huge leaps in between. Higher difficulty also makes traits more rewarding, they give more +xp% bonus for each trait on each level, and they also increase your chance of finding better talisman fragments (high wizard level + high difficulty settings -> chance for epic loot).

Next post arrives in 13+-2 days or so… anyway, we’re 2 weeks closer to release again, please hang in there! 🙂

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