GC2:CS – Sparks in action

It’s still not the last post before summer, today I can show more only about sparks:

Sparks are events mixed into the flow of monster waves, giving you not only some extra time between two waves (due to the spark stones increasing the gap between the two wave stones they are inserted between), but great opportunities to turn the tide of battle to your favor as well.

In the battlefield shown in the screenshot, the main entrance is crowded with beacons, constantly boosting the incoming monsters. A Beacon Lock spark is especially useful in this grim situation. Disabling the beacons and making them more vulnerable can help removing a few of them more easily, greatly decreasing the pressure in the long run.

Similarly to wave stones, sparks can be heated with gem bombs, enhancing their effects.

Extra mana funds can arrive during battle in the form of newly unearthed mana shards. The shard will appear at a random location off the path, hopefully easily accessible with towers.

You can discard any gems you don’t need, or even invest most of your mana dropping bombs to heat this spark for a 5% interest, the only trick is that you have to harvest the mana back from the shard, which takes time and firepower.

These and 8 more type of sparks (and probably more added after release?) will await you in the game.

Topics still waiting to be covered before the summer break:

  • Talisman revisited
  • Achievements update
  • Vision fields
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