GC2:CS – Shrines in action

I’m sorry (again) for not bringing you more this time, but most of today’s topics will have to wait until next time, hopefully a “grand finale” post covering all the announced topics. If that won’t work, I’ll keep posting until I go through the remaining topics before closing the blog flow for summer.

So, today, I can tell you more about shrines, and how they changed since the last time they appeared on the blog.

When you roll a gem over a shrine, it will tell you how strong the shrine strike’s effect will be. Dropping the gem (and activating the shrine) pops up four counters (three for some shrines), that will roll as the shrine mows the monsters down, giving real time info about the damage, hits, kills, and special (shrine type dependent) effect the shrine delivers.

Monsters’ info panels tell you more too, you can see how many damage or duration a negative effect has on the monster.

Talking of whose, the Shrine of Venom, for example, deals poison damage that takes effect simultaneously with the regular (gem) damage (to give the poison effect even more of an edge and to make it easier to balance with the rest of the game mechanics). So, dropping a poison gem in a Shrine of Venom will intoxicate the targets two-fold.

The gem enchanting shrine is the only one that doesn’t swallow your gem, instead it gives a nice damage boost. Whether this bonus follows the gem during combining without counting to the base damage will have to be tested out yet (it seems way too powerful for me as you could enchant low level gems and use them as prototypes for duplication, creating devastating gems relatively cheaply).

I will cover the remaining topics then, either two weeks from now at once, or two weeks after that if I can’t make them all ready to show by next time, until each of them are done, then we’ll meet again when the summer ends:

Sparks in action
Talisman revisited
Achievements update
Vision fields

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