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Hold the mouse button to fire with your FlaK
1,2,3: Call in support strike
4,5,6,7,8,9: Place building (each building type must be unlocked in the Upgrades screen first)
P: Pause the game

Quick tips

  • Your FlaK fires with some inaccuracy, use this to your advangtage. Find dense points and areas to cover with your fire for maximum damage.
  • Each air raid request costs more and more after each call (there is a ceiling of 15.000), use them only if you really need to.
  • The longer a balloon survives of the field, the less score you gain by destroying it.
  • If a balloon with not much damage comes too close, don't waste your fire on it, look for other baloons which you can still prevent from dropping bombs.
  • Every building you place becomes stronger over time (oil rigs produce more score, cannons fire faster and/or stronger), so keep them alive as long as you can!
  • After leveling up a few times, it's worth replaying easier levels to earn a higher score. The score difference adds to your total score, which can level you up again.
  • Try to earn gold medals, they raise your final stage score a lot.
  • You can see military rank markers above the scores for each levels. The highest rank marker is 5 gold starts.
  • There are hidden levels which appear only if you complete some specific levels on the map with the highest rank available.
  • Balloons have different behavior and parameters according to their colors/textures. Many of them are equipped with multiple bombs.
  • If a balloon survives floating through your area, it comes in for an other round, reloaded with bombs, having some damage healed and an increased speed.
  • Balloons are getting tougher towards the end of the stage, so try to keep your defenses alive.