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GC2:CS – Special fields insight

Tweet Happy spring holiday Everyone! There is no April fool’s joke or easter egg hunt in this post, sorry. 🙂

GC2:CS – Shadows + GCL is 2 years old

Tweet So who or what are these shadows? As the story tells, they are powerful demons, second in line only after their queen, the Forgotten, the archvillainess of the GC series. Gameplay-wise, facing shadows should give you intense boss fights, … Continue reading

GC2:CS – Spells update

Tweet There were some major changes done to the spells system since the first time I wrote about them.

GC2:CS – Monsters update

Tweet Happy new year Everyone! No, I still can’t give you an exact release date. 🙂

GC2:CS – Skills

Tweet The new chapter will have 25 skills laid out in a 5×5 grid. Some skills were dropped or merged, and the new strike spells and gem enhancements brought along their skills. Don’t worry if you’ll miss your favorite skill, … Continue reading

GC2:CS – Weather

Tweet Weather will change every time you return to the world map, each field having its own weather, to give you another layer of decision depth when picking your next field, as each weather type has one positive and one … Continue reading

GC2:CS – World map

Tweet I have told everything about the map last time (sorry again for the delay!), now I can show you some early screenshots.

GC2:CS features – XP system, battle outcome panel

Tweet In GCL, you couldn’t easily tell whether you are going to set a new XP record during a battle, because of the various XP multipliers being calculated only at the end of it. It’s not the case anymore, the … Continue reading

GC2:CS features – Battle modes

Tweet Formerly, as I wrote to many of you in emails, the battle mode selector was planned to be a hybrid of GCL’s pick-what-you-want (but basically one main mode with lots of tweakables) and GC0’s lots of (not so) different … Continue reading

GC2:CS features – Breakables, drops

Tweet If you have ever played hack ‘n’ slash dungeon crawler games (Torchlight, Path of Exile, Diablo), you are surely familiar with the concept of crates, jugs, barrels all over the place that are only waiting for you to crush … Continue reading