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GC Labyrinth premium is free to play now on gameinabottle.com

Tweet Hey Everyone, Just a quick note: I’ve uploaded a free full version of GC Labyrinth on our site. After the shutdown of GamerSafe (who provided the paid content support for the game) many paying players were left without the … Continue reading

Another delay of 2 weeks

Tweet I’m sorry to tell that you’ll have to wait two more weeks to have a sneak peek at the talisman system. There’s a lot more to show of this topic than what I could show you at the moment, … Continue reading

GC2:CS – Shadows + GCL is 2 years old

Tweet So who or what are these shadows? As the story tells, they are powerful demons, second in line only after their queen, the Forgotten, the archvillainess of the GC series. Gameplay-wise, facing shadows should give you intense boss fights, … Continue reading

GemCraft Labyrinth update v.1.22

Tweet Issues fixed: High grade (grade 35+) gems in traps let through many monsters (the previous fix to the lime trap issue made traps fire at only one monster at a time). Now there is a hard limit of 9 … Continue reading

GemCraft labyrinth update v.1.21

Tweet In this update I fixed only two minor issues: -After the event during the second pylon field, gems’ images were left floating at the top left corner of the game -In trap-socketed gems’ info panel, the mana gain, armor … Continue reading

GemCraft Labyrinth update v.1.20

Tweet It’s great to see many of you still enjoy playing GC Labyrinth! Especially doing endurance runs using the lime trap exploit… The lots of mails I got from you have reached the critical mass*, so I decided to update … Continue reading

GC Labyrinth final update: v.1.17

Tweet Ok, this is the last one. There are still some minor bugs and features asked for but not fulfilled, but anything from now on will be left to be considered for GC2. So, unless there is some major bug … Continue reading

Latest news on GCL

Tweet First of all, a few weeks ago, GemCraft Labyrinth has gone global!

GC Labyrinth update: v.1.14

Tweet The last build before the game goes global – get ready to play GCL on Kongregate, Newgrounds, or any site that features GamerSafe / MochiCoins / Heyzap games – coming next week! Fixes & changes in GCL v.1.14:

GCL update: v.1.13

Tweet I’ve made a new build last weekend that fixes some serious flaws of 1.12, as well as some old tenacious issues.