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GC2:CS on Steam Greenlight! Please vote!

Tweet Hey Everyone, Last time I mentioned that next week there would be an announcement… yes, you remember right, that was 22 days ago… but that “next week” has finally come!

GC2:CS to be released in January 2014

Tweet Hello Everyone, I’m sorry to announce that GemCraft chapter 2:: Chasing Shadows will be released in January 2014. I’ve talked to Armor Games about this last week, I gave it a few more days to see if there’s still … Continue reading

GC2:CS – Battle Traits

Tweet In today’s late and short post, I’ll briefly cover the so-called battle traits. This feature is quite similar to GCL’s battle settings, it allows you to add various extra difficulty traits to get more XP in return (in case … Continue reading

GC2:CS – Talisman revisited

Tweet One day (almost two days) late again, but finally here is the next post. Instead of emphasizing my sorrow for the delay (again), let me shout a huge Thank You for all of your supportive comments after the release … Continue reading

GC2:CS – Fall semester begins

Tweet Hey Everyone, I hope you had a great summer, it was a busy but rewarding few months here working on GC2, I hoped to bring you more than a blogpost, but maybe next time, which will be 2 weeks … Continue reading

GC2:CS – Last post before summer

Tweet First, about the achievements’ look (at the moment): After lots of rethinking and trial-and-error, achievement icons are planned to have this kind of style. These icons are drawn by the game on the fly, using an inner “script language”, … Continue reading

GC2:CS – Sparks in action

Tweet It’s still not the last post before summer, today I can show more only about sparks: Sparks are events mixed into the flow of monster waves, giving you not only some extra time between two waves (due to the … Continue reading

GC2:CS – Shrines in action

Tweet I’m sorry (again) for not bringing you more this time, but most of today’s topics will have to wait until next time, hopefully a “grand finale” post covering all the announced topics. If that won’t work, I’ll keep posting … Continue reading

GC2:CS – Various updates

Tweet Let’s start with gem colors: Many of you told that it would be weird to have the mana leech gem blue instead of orange. A decision had to be made between following the fantasy-hack-n-slash-rpg standard of mana always having … Continue reading

GC2:CS – XP system & outcome panel update

Tweet Today’s topics were covered in the posts of 2012-Oct-15 and Nov-12, now I’ll try to sum up the changes that were made since then in these areas.