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GC2:CS v.1.1.0 info

Hello Everyone,

Sorry for the crawling slow progress beyond all delays as usual, but finally a new version of GemCraft Chasing Shadows, introducing new content, changes, and fixes, v.1.1.0, is getting together and ready for release. As of now, the best case roadmap for v.1.1.0 is this November, followed by several more bugfix/extra content builds, and the Steam release will sadly have to wait until Q1 2015, closely followed by Kongregate and other website releases.

Some major points of v.1.1.0 are: Continue reading

GemCraft Chasing Shadows OST

Hey Everyone,

The soundtrack of GC2:Chasing Shadows is now available on Youtube as well as on Bandcamp! Listen, download, enjoy! 🙂

Prior to this title, I was reluctant adding any music to our games, thinking of it as a burden or something players would switch off after the first few minutes anyway, but when David Orr, composer for many hit games at Armor Games, wrote me, I thought I should reconsider my stubborn point against in-game music and give it a try. I had a mixture of epicness and ambiance in mind for the game, and I think David made a fascinating work!

p.s. Sorry for getting off the grid again for some time, GC2:CS v.1.1 is still in the works, I’ll try to speed things up!

GC2:CS new version uploaded

Hey Everyone,

After a few weeks’ delay, a new build (v.1.0.16) of GC2: Chasing Shadows is up! After at least one more bugfix build to come, new content will added as well in v.1.1!
I’ll carry on replying to your emails (still another 322 to go) and start working on the Steam version too.

GemCraft Chasing Shadows released!

Hey Everyone,

The waiting is over…
GemCraft chapter two: Chasing Shadows has been released!

Sorry for not telling anything for the last week or more, apart from saying sorry again and playing guesses about a new release date I couldn’t meet wouldn’t have any use anyway, so I just focused on the game hoping to bring it to you as soon as possible.

And now, here it is! 🙂

Thank you for keeping waiting and waiting despite all the missed deadlines, we hope you’ll enjoy playing the game!

The next few weeks will be about bugfixes, answering emails, finalizing content – if you see any errors or have any suggestions on how the game should work, feel free to throw an email!

Enjoy! 🙂

GemCraft has been Greenlit!

Hello Everyone,

GemCraft chapter two: Chasing Shadows has just been Greenlit on Steam!
This couldn’t have happened without your help!
A huge Thank You to all of you for both voting and for all the support through these 3+ years of development!
A few more days until the release of the game finally on Armor Games, we’ll start working on the Steam version after bugfixing and fine-tuning the game.

Thank you again, getting back to work, see you next week! 🙂

GC2:CS on Steam Greenlight! Please vote!

Hey Everyone,

Last time I mentioned that next week there would be an announcement… yes, you remember right, that was 22 days ago… but that “next week” has finally come!

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GCL birthday + GC2:CS release date!

Hey Everyone,

Today is the 3rd birthday of GemCraft Labyrinth – it was released on Armor Games on 2011 Feb 17. 🙂

I’m glad that for many of you it meant more than a 10 minute coffee break game. Thank you for all the support through the years, including your purchases, which made it possible for us to make the next GemCraft!

So, about the next GC… tutorial panels done, sounds, achievements and story illustrations still have to be finished, finishing up levels and playtesting in progress… Now, that there’s a handful of tasks left, the time has come to finally make the announcement:

GemCraft chapter 2: Chasing Shadows
will be released on Armor Games
on 2014 March 17
(exactly 4 weeks from today.)

Also, there is an other announcement to be made next week, please stay tuned!

GC2:CS – Almost there

Thanks for still being here, and sorry for not even replying at all to comments and emails these days, but that will have to wait until after release.

Back in November, when I was still hoping to finish the game before Christmas, I thought cutting or postponing some features could make the impossible possible. It was far from reality, so, as you all know, the holiday came and went without the game. Realizing that the “coming in 2013” deadline couldn’t be met, we switched back to plan A, aiming to work on the game until it’s ready for real. January seemed a reasonable guess, giving 31 more days, plus the whole holiday season. Should be more than enough, right? Well, almost.

As it always happens here, tasks take longer than I guess at first (or even second) sight, so we’re still not ready, but the remaining tasks fill up less than one (one-sided) sheet of paper and I rule one out every few days, so we’ll get there soon.

Almost 3 years have passed since the release of GCL (2011 February 17), now I’m sure it would have been a mistake releasing the game unfinished, there was way too much time and energy put into it already to ruin the experience for the sake of an earlier release.

So, all I can say is, please be patient for a while longer, we’re close now, don’t want to go into more guessing and missing or fueling speculations, we’ll have a release date when the game gets ready, tests done and connected to AG. I’ll write you then!

GC2:CS – Still alive

Happy New Year Everyone!

Still alive and still working on GC2:CS, much closer to completion than a month ago.
As soon as there’s anything to write about, I’ll keep you posted, and as soon as the game is ready, it will be released!
Hang in there!

GC2:CS to be released in January 2014

Hello Everyone,

I’m sorry to announce that GemCraft chapter 2:: Chasing Shadows will be released in January 2014.
I’ve talked to Armor Games about this last week, I gave it a few more days to see if there’s still a way though to get there this year, but, sadly, there isn’t.

Why: Continue reading