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GemCraft Chasing Shadows is released on Steam!

The long waiting is finally over! The Steam version of GemCraft Chasing Shadows is released!

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GC:CS more release info + v.1.1.9 up

Hey Everyone!

The release date of the Steam version of GC:CS is now almost officially set to April 30 – we wanted to avoid the release dates of GTA V and Mortal Kombat X (April 14) with their potential to steal all the player attention, and more time is needed to prepare promotion by AG for the launch, and to get through the Steam review process. Continue reading

GC2:CS v.1.1.8

Hey Everyone,

While making the final preparations for the Steam release, a bunch of changes have stacked up for the web version as well, so a new build is up; still more changes to arrive this month. More info about the Steam release coming soon as well!

Changes in GC2:CS AG v.1.1.8 – 2015.IV.10.: Continue reading

GemCraft Chasing Shadows Steam release soon

Hey Everyone,

We’re almost there, a few days to work on until marking GC:CS as ready for review by the Steam staff. 🙂

The original trailer was filled up with footage from the Steam port, you can check it out here.

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GC2:CS v.1.1.7

Hey Everyone,

The last content/feature update for GC2:CS, v.1.1.7, is uploaded. From now on there will only be bugfixes, as we have to focus on the Steam version. More about that later as we get close to release. The Kongregate release will follow shortly afterwards as well.

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GC2:CS v.1.1.4 + Thank you!

Hey Everyone,

A new build of GC2:CS is ready and uploaded to Armor Games, with the massively requested gem range adjustment option to avoid firing at what you don’t want to. Continue reading

GC2:CS v.1.1.3 + please vote!

Happy new year Everyone!

A new build of Chasing Shadows has just been uploaded, with another batch of annoyances removed (hopefully for good). This month will be spent studying the Steamworks SDK, keeping the email pile low, and probably releasing more minor bugfix pack builds (which will also bring us closer to the Steam release).

Also, please vote on GemCraft Chasing Shadows to become the Game of the Year 2014 at Armor Games! Thank you! 🙂

Change log for v. 1.1.3 – 2015.I.12.: Continue reading

Season’s greetings + GC2:CS v.1.1.2

Hello Everyone,

A new build of GC2:CS is out!
Unless there are any critical errors in it, this is the last post of the year, so we wish all of you a great winter holiday and a new year filled with exciting games to play! 🙂 Continue reading

GC2:CS v.1.1.0 released!

Hey Everyone,

After months since the last update, a major update for GC2:CS is finally here! This is a huge step towards making the game ready to be Steam ported, which as of now is planned to take place at Q1 2015.

New features/content and changes in v.1.1.0: Continue reading

GC2:CS v.1.1.0 info

Hello Everyone,

Sorry for the crawling slow progress beyond all delays as usual, but finally a new version of GemCraft Chasing Shadows, introducing new content, changes, and fixes, v.1.1.0, is getting together and ready for release. As of now, the best case roadmap for v.1.1.0 is this November, followed by several more bugfix/extra content builds, and the Steam release will sadly have to wait until Q1 2015, closely followed by Kongregate and other website releases.

Some major points of v.1.1.0 are: Continue reading