Battle frame changes in the next GC

Hey Everyone,

In this mini-blogpost I share a few thoughts about the latest gui / “battle frame” changes.

After playing along with the one click gem creation for some time, it now seems there’s no need for gem grade adjustment, clicking on a gem type button now simply creates a grade 1 gem, while holding shift when clicking will result in a gem with a grade one less the maximum affordable (one less, to save the mana pool from getting empty). The new Upgrade gem button (as well as the good old U hotkey) can be used to get any gem grade after making the initial grade 1 gem.

The tedious task of enraging all the waves, especially during endurance runs, will be no more: There’s a new gem slot at the top left corner, inserting a gem will enrage all the upcoming waves (at no extra mana cost). If you change your mind, you can remove the gem from the slot to revert the waves to their baseline difficulty and reward levels. Socketing higher grade gems here and spending into the related skill will give more extreme enragement results. The whole thing will be tuned and will surely feel different from the GCCS style enragement, but the function is the same, players can decide if they risk facing brutally difficult waves for great rewards.

Hotkeys are shown on spell buttons for novice players (it can be disabled in the options screen).

The inventory got shrunk to 3×3, as it was seen in the December post. Since the very first GC, cloning and upgrading was added and now gem grade selection is gone too, so there is no use anymore having such a large inventory taking up precious screen space. The new tiny inventory is the central highlighted area of the right column hosting all the spell buttons and info fields.

The mana pool fills bottom upwards, trying to resemble its inspiration, the Diablo III magic stuff globe, even more.

Speed buttons got simplified, since the “1x” speed was too slow and barely used, the new “1x” is 2.5x faster than before, and the new high speed button makes the game roll 4x faster than the new normal speed, thus 10x faster than the normal speed rate of GCCS.

The next post arrives by the end of February, with the new shrine system, stay tuned!

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