GC:CS new build + Steam 30% off!

Hey Everyone,

First of all, for one week, you can get the Steam version of GemCraft Chasing Shadows at a 30% discount!

Also, haven’t posted about it yet, but a new build of GC:CS has arrived recently for both the Steam (v.1.0.6) and AG/Kong (v.1.1.16) versions.

List of changes:


  • Fixed: outcome panel could show negative mana spent on amplifiers with high level masonry skill
  • Fixed: Spiritforge controlled towers with their gems stolen by a specter stated that a new gem can be inserted
  • When the Forgotten locks the gui, the call for early waves is withdrawn
  • Fixed some typos
  • Waves enraged by the Forgotten can’t be cleaned of rage anymore
  • Fixed a bug involving specters almost leaving the battlefield with a stolen gem
  • Minor change at field V7: One of the Spf towers upgrades its gem later
  • (Steam only) Added Alt+Enter shortcut to switch full screen



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