GemCraft CS update (Steam v.1.0.3, AG v.1.1.13)

Hey Everyone,

New builds of both the Steam and the Armor Games versions of GemCraft Chasing Shadows have been uploaded.

List of changes and fixes (the AG build has all but the first two as well):

  • Installation folder is now properly named. Existing installations should keep working fine, reinstalling the game will place the game files into the new folder.
  • Field L5 drop holder hidden under a tree is visible now
  • Spawning lots of beacons should give much less lag
  • Shadows don’t destroy nearby walls on death anymore
  • Traps and Amplifiers skills are uncapped
  • Spires can’t move while the GUI is being locked by the Forgotten (earlier only specters and apparitions were affected)
  • Calculating total skill points fixed again
  • Fixed: shrines activated just before ending a battle had their performance info text stuck on the screen

There are still more known errors, thanks to you keeping sending feedback, I’ll upload new builds again as soon as a new pack of fixes and tweaks stacks up!

The Kongregate version is still on its way, I’m discussing the final touches with Kongregate before the game goes up.

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