GC2:CS v.1.1.8

Hey Everyone,

While making the final preparations for the Steam release, a bunch of changes have stacked up for the web version as well, so a new build is up; still more changes to arrive this month. More info about the Steam release coming soon as well!

Changes in GC2:CS AG v.1.1.8 – 2015.IV.10.:

  • Fixed: talisman screen salvage and upgrade buttons didn’t disable when pressed repeatedly
  • Probably fixed (again) the very rare occurence of invulnerable zero hp monsters
  • Dash (in addition to the old Tab hotkey) drops gems to inventor (Tab made IE wander away from the game)
  • Added achievement filter: Curse
  • WoE skill secondary property GoE bonus is correctly shown now in the skill info panel
  • Compass awards can be unlocked with 3 runs (formerly 11)
  • Scroll bars can be clicked and will move the scroll button under the mouse pointer
  • Sounds should be skipping much less
  • Double charged shrines show two plus signs now
  • Resetting traits also resets difficulty
  • Fixed some typos



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