GC2:CS v.1.1.7

Hey Everyone,

The last content/feature update for GC2:CS, v.1.1.7, is uploaded. From now on there will only be bugfixes, as we have to focus on the Steam version. More about that later as we get close to release. The Kongregate release will follow shortly afterwards as well.

Change logs since last post:

v. 1.1.7 – 2015.II.12.

  • Fixed disabling random events at wiztower fields on first visit + random event field requirements
  • Gem range can be adjusted with the Up/Down keys in addition to the mouse wheel
  • Fixed: Beam range could exceed tehcnical limit for adjusted range gems
  • Added more loading screen hints
  • Fixed outcome panel wrong journey pages being shown
  • Field related achievements are shown in field info panels after beating field X5
  • More organized stats page + fields can be sorted by xp
  • Stronger gem creating inventory highlight
  • No hints appear anymore when entering a vision, wizard tower, or story related field
  • The formerly removed mana shard is back at field R5 at a different location
  • The tutorial content can be reached any time from the map screen now

v. 1.1.6a – 2015.II.4. & v. 1.1.6b – 2015.II.5.

  • Rolled back skipping vfx/monsters redrawing when the game is paused

v. 1.1.6 – 2015.II.3.

  • Lag largely reduced when the time is paused
  • If saving the game during endurance fails, the game pauses
  • Hold either alt or ctrl when clicking on the field to ignore gems and force selecting units
  • Boosting and impairing effects are not removed from banished monsters anymore
  • Tutorial advices appear before entering a field, loading screen stays for +2 seconds (advices can be disabled in the options screen)
  • Fixed talisman screen ‘Get more shadow cores’ button overlapping the ‘Close’ button after upgrading a fragment
  • ‘Stone supply’ spark properly reduces building costs
  • Compass hints got brighter
  • Premonition plays at normal speed regardless of speeding time up
  • Endurance crash recovery gives found talisman fragments too
  • After selecting a unit, use the arrow keys to cycle through all of them
  • Firing speed is capped at 48 shots per sec (just above the pysical limit, to avoid confusion about gems not firing as fast as they state)
  • Removed mana shard hiding under tree at field R5

v. 1.1.5 – 2015.I.30.

  • Ruined summoning and ensnaring nodes show actual charge, discharge faster, and show thunder vfx
  • Gems with mana gain dropped in shrines give their mana gain per hit now
  • Releasing shift in prototype (yellow) bombing mode cancels bombing (Sorry for the accidentally dropped gems!)
  • Probable workaround for negative hp monsters
  • Stronger specter premonition
  • Fixed achievement progress bar overflow for ‘Come Out, Come Out’
  • Skill level is properly shown in the skills panel if there is a talisman level bonus
  • Mana stream mana multiplier is shown in the mana pool info panel
  • Info panels of waves and all entities show proper, fully premutiplied xp and mana values
  • When placing a building, ‘Can’t build’, ‘Blocking’ and ‘Not enough mana’ texts all appear when they have to
  • Barrage shell explosions disturb sleeping hives now
  • Clarified: decreased banishment cost doesn’t affect mana burn
  • Shrines can be summoned by sparks on top of walls


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