GC2:CS v.1.1.4 + Thank you!

Hey Everyone,

A new build of GC2:CS is ready and uploaded to Armor Games, with the massively requested gem range adjustment option to avoid firing at what you don’t want to.

Also, a huge thanks goes out to all of you who have participated in the voting at AG and helped GemCraft Chasing Shadows become the AG Game of the Year 2014! 🙂 You have given an invaluable help making the game better with your suggestions and bug reports ever since release!

Working on (around) the technical tricks of the Steam version is also in progress, but there will still be at least two more web builds before it arrives.

Change log for v. 1.1.4 – 2015.I.26.:

  • Fixed: some tree covered fields showed being buildable after demolishing pre-placed structures
  • Gems target fewest hp beacons first now
  • Basic gem range (before modifiers) got a hard limit of 48 tiles
  • Gem range can be decreased with the mouse wheel (combining sets the larger range ratio), 1 step = 5%, can’t go below 1 tile
  • Winning a field’s endurance (999 waves) gives a distinctive purple marker to the field’s token in the world map
  • The first 3 achi tag filters (amplifier, apparition, armor) previously hidden by error are shown now
  • New achi filters during battle: Unlocked if won, Made progress, Can be unlocked
  • Achi related fixes
  • Tutorial and Stats: new buttons on the map screen (tutorial will be filled with rereadable content later)
  • Old stat pages’ contents are moved from the journey notes to the new button
  • Field xp list: can be accessed via the new Stats button
  • Fixed stats overflow error (int vs double) causing lots of stats showing weird values
  • The loading screen shows compass hints for +3 secs


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