GC2:CS v.1.1.3 + please vote!

Happy new year Everyone!

A new build of Chasing Shadows has just been uploaded, with another batch of annoyances removed (hopefully for good). This month will be spent studying the Steamworks SDK, keeping the email pile low, and probably releasing more minor bugfix pack builds (which will also bring us closer to the Steam release).

Also, please vote on GemCraft Chasing Shadows to become the Game of the Year 2014 at Armor Games! Thank you! 🙂

Change log for v. 1.1.3 – 2015.I.12.:

  • Initial xp bonus shown now in the outcome panel xp rollover infobox
  • Fixed: xp values of objects present at the start of the battle varied depending on the last battle’s last wave id
  • Fixed the outcome panel xp infobox ‘Killed monsters total’ value
  • Fixed displaying some numbers in exponential notation (those that are shown with fixed precision when in small range, e.g. mana leeching)
  • Fixed: gems with bolt enhancement didn’t fire at anything with their normal shot if a dropholder or a bolt lock in the gem’s normal range was selected
  • Fixed: the actual beacon hp dropped by monster ability didn’t match hp written in the monster/wave infobox
  • Fixed killing special entities not counting towards the kill chain
  • Some achievements fixed
  • Screen shaking option moved to Visual settings
  • Vision field infobox doesn’t show first wave hp anymore
  • Fixed: losing a battle with the time frozen (stepping) made the gui unresponsive
  • New option: show more digits for numbers in exponential notation
  • Fixed: charging all nodes to win a battle did not give XP for the kill chain in progress


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