GC2:CS v.1.1.0 released!

Hey Everyone,

After months since the last update, a major update for GC2:CS is finally here! This is a huge step towards making the game ready to be Steam ported, which as of now is planned to take place at Q1 2015.

New features/content and changes in v.1.1.0:

  • Permafreeze exploit gone: Freeze spell effective and recharge times pulled apart, Early waves don’t charge spells and shrines faster in endurance mode and final/vision fields, Shrine of focus can’t be given by sparks anymore
  • Enrage waves with multiple bombs per click (prototype mode): Mousewheel or press Up/Down while over the gem bomb button to set the amount to drop
  • Fixed: tombs with 0 armor left didn’t show the amount of monsters inside
  • Field skill requirements are highlighted in field info boxes now
  • Barrage doesn’t target mana shards anymore
  • After unlocking more than 180 achievements, you can reset your achievements once for a 120 skill points rewards
  • ‘Open a previously opened tome chamber’ also gives ‘Open a tome chamber’ now after resetting achievements
  • Feedback email address added to the credits info box
  • Change log ‘button’ and version number swapped text colors
  • Unlocked achievement info panel stays longer, keeps its size if the game window (browser) is zoomed, also fixed a bug with multiple achi panels appearing/disappearing resulting in uneven spaces between the panels
  • Achievements can be filtered via tags
  • Harder achievements give more skillpoints
  • Field H4 made slightly easier
  • Fixed: shrine of time made originally slow monsters faster
  • Random shadow and spire events can’t happen before wave 20 now
  • The field info box shows the actual wave amount now when boosting with battle traits or choosing a higher difficulty
  • Beating fields on Glaring difficulty gives a one time 3 skill points reward for each field, Haunting gives additional 6 skill points
  • No extra xp is given by the increased monster hp in enraged waves (enrage xp bonus and fury skill still works)
  • Mana shards don’t give multiplied mana anymore
  • Fixed a rounding error with talisman fragment properties resulting in the sum panel not adding up correctly
  • Fixed: X5 blast didn’t remove special enemies
  • Random shadows don’t appear on looming difficulty
  • Removed: random shadows, spires, specters had 25% chance to arrive in pairs when playing above looming difficulty
  • Shadow cores can’t go below zero anymore when entering the map (sorry!)
  • The xp field during battle shows the total value (premultiplied with the traits/difficulty multipler) for better comparison with the field xp record
  • Reduced possession obelisk monster hp increment
  • High hp spires have lower damage limit (survive more hits)
  • Fixed: sealed gem info panel stats not updating
  • Wizlevel based skill cap removed; skills have either a maximum level of 45 or no limit
  • Stepping time (clicking on pause button) preserves building selection now
  • Fixed: enchanting a socketing-in-progress gem in an amplifier didn’t give the amp bonuses
  • During endurance, the game tries to save the earned xp every 3 minutes and grant it on load in case the game crashes
  • Fixed exploit: Fury skill finally does what it always said, it gives a one time xp bonus to monsters of enraged waves
  • Level xp requirements are back to reasonable
  • New curse modifier: Beacon effects have 75% failure chance on target
  • True colors and Amplifiers skills switched locations in the skills screen
  • Touch of wisdom spark has been nerfed
  • Core spell buttons look faded if there’s not enough mana
  • Late wave monster hp made slightly lower all across the game
  • Old saved games get converted to v.1.1 on load, chopping field xps above 1 billion (everything else kept intact)
  • New achievements added
  • Uncapped skills : all component skills, True Colors, Radiance
  • Shrine of Blades damage capped at 40% of hp
  • Shrine of Wisdom gives less xp
  • Suppressing gem property increases more when combining/upgrading
  • Several fields have been modified
  • Several sounds have been modified
  • Replaced trait Beacon Storm with Hatred, allowing difficulty scaling on a major scale for a higher xp multiplier bonus
  • Added pressed state look for buttons
  • New fields to be explored
  • Slowing gem reworked, gem skill increases duration instead of speed ratio
  • Fixed: entering the traits panel and then dragging a talisman fragment into the bottom inventory row didn’t deny starting the battle
  • Text changes and fixed typos
  • Beacons spawned via enraging have much less hp and armor
  • Monster hp is limited at 10^300 to avoid infinity / invulnerability
  • Fixed a possibly crashing bug involving vfx particles
  • Missed AG quests will be checked and given if their corresponding achis are unlocked
  • Weather effects on monsters made 50% stronger
  • Fixed: orblets carried by monsters hit with sealed GoE disappeared
  • Vision fields give one time rewards of 13 skill points
  • Fixed several achievements
  • Finally: clicking outside the game while in battle pauses the game (if enabled in the Options screen)
  • New option: Show grade text for gems in traps (regardless of grade)
  • New option: Screen shaking effect for major blasts
  • Fixed: getting a compass reward and losing the battle made the reward lost forever; old saved games get rewarded field tokens unlocked (fragments can’t be retrieved, sorry
  • Fixed: restarting a field didn’t refresh the compass hints in the waiting screen

Thank you for all your valuable feedback in the past months, I still haven’t got to the end of the email pile and there are lots of feedbacks left in the to-do list, so there will be more feature tweaks and bugfixes (surely there will be bugs) hopefully soon.*

*”Hopefully soon” and “Sorry for the delay” are trademarks of Game in a Bottle.**

**Ok, I borrowed this joke from the Blizzcon 2014 Diablo III What’s next panel. One of the few things that helps me keep calm despite falling beyond every deadline is that many other game studios, large and small, take their time too.

We’ll be on full alert and try to quickly fix major bugs that arrive with this release.

Have a great time exploring!

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