Delay of 2 weeks

If you read this, you must be looking forward to GC2, so I’m really sorry to tell that today’s screenshots are not ready yet.

A few pictures will tell far more than my few words here, but I give it a try:

  • The map consists of lots of hexagonal tiles (similar to a puzzle), each tile representing a larger area, with enough space for 5-7 fields (stages).
  • The field tokens’ shapes resemble the grade 1 gem, with markers for the battle modes (giving a quick info on which battle mode and on what difficulty you have won).
  • You will have to get the map tiles as well as the field tokens as drops during battles.You start the whole game with one hexagonal area and the map gets together piece by piece as you progress in the game.
  • The whole map will be larger than the 900×600 game screen, so there will be navigation (pan, zoom) features to help get around.

There will be an other no-post 2nd Monday, I will celebrate Christmas with family on the 24th of Dec (and spend the preceding days with stuff like rebuilding last year’s Lego set 10216 for the occasion); I hope there will be no interruptions in the blog flow until release.

Many of you have still asked about the release date, so: my best guess at the moment is Q2 2013.

Thank you for your continued support, please visit again in 2 weeks, on the 12th of November!

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