GemCraft for iPhone released!

GemCraft has finally arrived to the iPhone!

This installment of GemCraft got a total visual makeover, making the theme more casual, and the interface was redesigned to fit the touchscreen, but the core game rules stayed the same:

-Create and combine gems,
-Place your gems into towers and traps,
-Slaying the attacking monsters gives you mana which you can spend on upgrading your defenses.

The game’s framework and mechanics are roughly based on GemCraft 0, but all the stages are new, and instead of the amulets, the game is connected to the Apple Game Center, and has many unique achievements, and leaderboard support.

Unlike the Flash GC games, this title has 3 selectable difficulty settings, appearing after playing throught the first few introductory stages. You can switch difficulty mid-game if the game is too easy or too hard, and of course there are many game modes (GC0 style mode selection), inclucing the all-time favorite Endurance mode.

The game supports Retina display too, so if you have an iPhone/iPod that has a new generation display, you can enjoy the game is crystal clear high resolution.

You can buy the full version here:

You can also try it for free:

Have fun! 🙂

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