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GCL release date postponed
Let’s start with the bad news: GemCraft Labyrinth will not be ready any time soon, it’s still far from being completed. I don’t know when can we release it, but not before the end of September. Our calendar is full with other things for the next few weeks, so we couldn’t rush anyway. We can say Q4 2010 or say nothing at all, it won’t make things faster. We want this game to be out just as you do, but won’t make if a pile of trash just to be over it. We’ll try to make this game worth the wait.

GemCraft for iPhone
For a long time, I kept saying that it’s unlikely we’ll ever have GC running on iPhone. From time to time I got emails from iPhone devs, but we either didn’t have the trust to hand over the game’s source code, or would have to take all the financial risk. But now, we got the opportunity to work with a skillful developer with released games behind his back, and a publisher who can fuel the project financially and able to promote and distribute the game. For now I can’t tell anything more, but this is serious now, and we’ll only have to support the project with the source materials and design suggestions to tailor the game to the small touch screen, so it won’t take much time away from GCL.

GemCraft Labyrinth graphics not new enough/too pale/too dark
It’s meant to be pale and darkish to add to the athmosphere of the game. The ground doesn’t look new enough, but it’s brand new. The plants are reused. But I don’t think this is what GCl being a good or bad game will depend on.
There will be many new and some reused graphics (old skills will have their old icons, new skills will of course get new ones). There will be new buildings, and hopefully new monsters as well.

GCL battle mode settings
In GC0, there were battle modes like Endurance or Sudden Death. In GCL, you can mix various settings, including number of monsters, number of waves (including endurance), giant monsters only or every sencond wave, or more monster armor.
Each setting gives a multiplier to the final XP you get at the end of the stage (just like the battle amulets you earn). For each stage, the game will store your one highest XP. How you achieve it, is up to you. You can mix an easy mode and earn lots of battle amulets, play it hard and earn a few, or level up and boost your skills, then play a hard mode and still achieve tons of amulets.

This building type, as everything in GC, will work with gems. Place a gem in it, it woN’t be able to fire, but each surrounding (thus, maximum 8 ) tower and trap will get a percentage of the inserted gem’s attributes. Make bastillons or trapfields, or even a super tower surrounded by 8 amplifiers!

That’s all for now, I hope I’ll have some progress to write about soon!

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29 Responses to GemCraft news and things

  1. Florian says:

    Damit… Thats the first good reason i have ever heared to buy an IPhone. I guess i will need to buy onw :/

    The Graphics on the screenshots looked perfect for me, good old GC look 🙂 Would want nothing else!

    Battle Mode Settings sound cool! Hope you can balance it, so if i (as an example) set it on 300 waves, but only weak monsters, i cant get to much experience from it…

    Amplifiers sound cool too, i always loved such towers in TowerDefense.

    Thx for the news! 🙂
    (everything of it exept the bad news :p)

  2. Daniel says:

    I always wondered why so many of the battle modes in GC0 had “no giant monsters” in them. Was it to prevent people from just getting an extremely high score? I’m definitely going to have fun mixing around with the battle mode settings. Giant monsters only + Endurance is an obvious start. This is actually VERY exciting news as I was wondering what else could be added besides another “arcane” or “carapace” mode that just increases stuff slightly. Mixing each mode can add infinite replay value.

    Now, each stage will store your one highest XP… I’m guessing that’s different from the last blog post about you being able to play each stage over and over again to get more and more XP? I’m personally in favor of this one score only thing, but we’ll have to see the skill system itself or how XP works in this game to really tell whether it’s the best decision.

    2010 or 2011, I’ll be putting aside hundreds of hours for GCL. Have fun programming!

    • Florian says:

      2011? I don’t want to hear that number 😛

      But you are right, as long as its good and big enough to invest some hundreds of hours, i guess its worth the waiting 😉

  3. Robert Keller says:

    I love some of the new ideas you are working with, especially the idea of making the modes mixable.

    One that you might try is to add one that allows for more than one arcane guardian, like after every 10 waves. In GC0, it just got too easy, by the time the guardian came, my towers were already so strong it didn’t much matter.

    • shakey says:

      Oh hell yes, extra arcane guardians option would be awesome.. I too found them easy in chapter zero after a while. Would love to have a bunch of them to battle.

  4. Doug Negri says:

    Great news, I’m so happy.

    Anyway, I won’t have an IPhone so I don’t care for it. I might wait the necessary time, I know the result will be great.

    Boa sorte, Peter! Hugs from Brazil.

  5. Pete says:

    Mixed selectable modes sounds amazing. I can’t tell you how many times I was playing the various modes of GC0 saying to myself “I really wish there were giant monsters here.”

    I hope supergemming stays in, I anticipate a lot of fun with GCL when it comes out. =D

    Also, I could care less about the graphics. The improvement from GC in GC0 was great, but in my opinion didn’t leave a lot of room for polishing or improvement. The environment and the interface all looked great in GC0, and re-using as much of that as you can is perfectly fine.

    • Robert Keller says:

      What is supergemming?

      • Pete says:

        Super quick answer: google ‘supergemming’ or ‘supergem gemcraft’

        Quick answer: (because if you google, you’ll get some full answers) – in gemcraft, if you take a gem and combine it onto gems that are at least 2 grades lower, it increases that gem’s damage, speed, and range. Speed and range will eventually hit caps (won’t increase any more) but damage NEVER caps. I’ve had gems that did 5 million damage. You need to use a process slower to go that high (else there isn’t enough time), but this combined with extreme angering of waves (multiple angers using very high grade gems, like 12 angers using grade 15 gems) will boost your score crazily. I’m one of a handful of people who have reached 1 trillion points on map 78, GC0.

        note – games using these methods take DAYS, not hours.

        • Peter says:

          I can see we whole-heartedly disagree on this point! I too noticed that this factor hadn’t been mentioned, and was going to ask myself what the plans were when I caught your comment.

          I can see why you enjoy beasting up the gems in this way, I’ve done it plenty of times (though I’ve rarely spent more than an hour or two on a level(I have a laptop that needs little breathers every now and then), but I much prefere having to approach different levels in different ways – I think ‘supergemming’ takes pretty much all strategy out of it, and makes it just a simple race for high-scores, rather than anything complex or challenging, and therefore satisfying to finish.

          But clearly there are those who disagree! As I suggested before, the compromise I see working best is for Gems to have level caps on Damage, Speed and Specials, but for there to be an ulockable skill set (preferably one that is only unlocked after completing the game or reaching at least a very high level) which lets you extend the caps. For example, a gem at skill level 0 would have a 10% higher-than-creation cap for all three skills, but each time you develop the skill you add another 10%, so finally you would have say a level 2 gem with a cap at 100% the potential stength, or the percentage could rise exponentially or, I suppose, the final skill level could remove speed and damage blocks completely.

          What do you think of that? Would you rather keep the ‘super-gemming’ in the same format?

          • Kodan says:

            Technically. You cannot remove Super Gemming without breaking the game, because of Prismatic Gems.
            Those pretty much *NEED* Super Gemming to be effective 😐
            Unless of course, they got a buff or something.

            Compared to Pure or Dualed, Prismatics aren’t all that useful. They’re neat to make, but in terms of real gameplay; they’re not that useful.

            They have mediocre damage (Especially compared to Pures/Duals), and their speed is lower then a Pure/Dual, making them have low DPS.
            Now of course naturally you can argue all their effects; but at the same time, you cannot. Because their effects suck. A line of 8 towers with 1 Pure Gem each is more effective than 1 Prismatic Gem.

          • Peter says:

            Hmm, I see what you mean. Prismatics without supergemming do work well in traps though, but obviously they work better when slamming more gems in with them. But does suppergemming not only ‘work’ with low grade gems anyway – I though the higher level gems had automatic caps? – or maybe they’re just slower. I can’t remember.

            But anyway, I was suggesting making the skill cap an unlockable feature – or, indeed, it could be made a feature of prismatics exclusively – giving them some apparently much needed worth – or of gems of level 15+ or something, so it is at least a challenge… no?

        • Andy says:

          The ultra high grade gems do need something to make them more powerful as a level 12 prismatic supergem can well outstrip any of the super high level gems i have created (Grade 18-20) these take so much time and effort to make gems so high a grade but with very little increase in damage so they are not worth the effort, it is much better suited to supergemming an easy to make grade 12/13 removing the level cap once a certain level has been reached or unlocking a skill that uses skillpoints to remove the cap (say level 10 removes them completely) so supergems can be made seems like a more plausible solution than capping the damage at a set value. Levels where supergems can be extreemly effective would also be a nice addition such as the gem of eternity level, 250 odd waves but to win you dont have to beat all of the waves because there will be some people who wont want to supergem for days on end to beat a level they would prefer to do a challenge such as destroy ther enemy spawn building with gem bombs.

          I absolutely cannoit wiat untill this is released as i have been a massive fan of gemcraft from GC1 hand i hope that this and chapter 2 are just as amazing as the last 2 🙂

  6. Daedalus says:

    Can you give us a hint as to how skills will work in this? Are they on a level-range based system (like the previous two games…), or are they open ended (IE – each level adds +1% to range, min damage, etc…)

    It sounds like the game is more open-ended in general with game modes, the way xp is earned, etc. I was wondering if there was a skill “cap”, or the game would just go on, so we could play to our hearts content and not worry so much about Chapter 2 🙂

  7. Florian says:

    Is there any chance you could create a Mailing List, informing us per Mail about every new Blog entry here? 😉

    I am still checking the site like 20 times a day, and it gets kind of frustrating 😀

    Guess i see every new reply before you do.

    So if you could do a mailinglist, i would really appreciate it!

    Regards, Florian

    • Peter says:

      You can subscribe to the RSS feed (click the orange button in the footer). You can read blogs without visiting them daily this way, your RSS reader software (many e-mail clients and other apps can do this trick, I use Thunderbird for emails and RSS, works perfectly). I read 31 blogs this way. Thunderbird automatically downloads the posts (or their extracts, depending on the blog) and shows them like if they were emails.

  8. Mr. Jeff says:

    I’m hoping android will follow iphone at some point.

  9. Tama Yoshi says:

    In most tower-maze defense games, the players tend to build towers to leave only a narrow path, thus making all creatures stuck on each other… I was wondering if making some creatures stronger when united (like, healing when many monsters nearby or something), would make for an interesting twist… The only problem I see is that the monsters probably use basic pathfinding in which it would seem unlikely that they don’t follow the exact same path. But maybe the monsters could be smarter and “distance” the towers or “spread” or something. It would be new…

  10. Ren says:

    I’m waiting for the game! Hurry up please xDDDDD!

  11. .txt says:

    when i saw this post my head fell off

  12. meuth says:

    I can’t stand this….

  13. GreenToast says:

    Hello? it’s been a week nice to see a comant now

  14. GreenToast says:

    minus six hours is still the 16th in america! ha real tine Here is 6:55pm

  15. Doug Negri says:

    I’m waiting for a new post anxiously.

  16. .textiles says:


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  18. GreenToast says:

    the game is probily coming out in late october or early november but it’s getting there